The Mindset Of A Champion

Every successful blogger talks about not "dating" your posts.

I get way, but this one is special. So if you are reading this 20 years

after I post it, go watch Super Bowl LI Feb. 5th 2017 and come back

Now to business.

I used to be a fanatic about the game of football. I was the guy that could give the stat line for most players in the league. I was

"that guy". My priorities changed ​​a few years back and I no longer follow the game as closely ​as I used to but like most people in America I still watch the Super Bowl​. And this year was such a great game. Historic and unprecedented comeback! Normally I would have talked about the plays, or the ​calls​​​​​​​ that went right or wrong for both teams, and dissected

how a comeback like that was possible. But that would be missing the bigger picture​​​. After the game I was watching the post game interviews with ​the​​ players and every analyst asked each player. "H​ow do you look up at the scoreboard and not just give up" And every single player they asked had the same answer.​​ "We knew we could win." ​​​​It was amazing to listen to. If you watched the game or were on social media​ during the game. Everyone said NE was done. I know people that went to bed after lady gaga's half time show because it looked that bad. And the history of the game said it was over.​​​​​ But those guys just kept working. They put their heads down and tried to make each play count. It really was amazing to watch​​​. And that is my take away from this game. The mindset of a champion. "I Know I Can Win"​​ ​​No matter what is going on around me no matter how dire ​​​​​the ​situation. If I keep trying to make each move better. If I look forward instead of backward. "I Can Win"​​​ ​​​And So Can You! ​​Believe in yourself. No matter what your goals are, no matter ​how impossible it might look to get there. Put your head down and make each play count​. I believe in you, now it's your turn. 'Write in the comments or send me a message' And l​​et me know what you learned from the game, did your team ​win?​ Did you enjoy the game? I don't follow the game as closely ​but I still like to talk sports​​​ Have a wonderful week and remember always ​​Keep Moving​​​​​​ Ricky

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