108 Athletics in Vista specializes in dynamic, innovative and interactive Personal Training that provides our clients with a practice they can grow and develop for a lifetime. Unlike many other gyms, we know the what and the why of what we are doing it.


Whether you’re looking to increase strength, lose weight, improve performance for a specific sport or event, or just prefer a more personal setting, our one-on-one, and semi-private personal training programs are designed for all skill levels and for every individual’s performance and health goals. We provide exactly what our clients need to take their fitness, nutrition and life to the next level


We approach our training by listening to our clients' needs and goals, learning your current workout routine, discovering what's really important to you. The best exercise program is the one you do. Working together we will create the right program for you. We use a comprehensive, holistic approach to movement that allows you to reach your goals in a fast, and safe way.

"Be strong to be useful"-Georges Hebert. Getting stronger and having more endurance is great, but it's useless unless you can use it in your everyday life. We teach you movements that build skill together with strength.

Nutrition Coaching

We approach nutrition coaching almost exactly the same way we approach our training, by listening to clients' needs and goals, learning your current nutrition, discovering what's really important to you, and working together to create the right nutrition approach based on your goals and lifestyle.

Then we coach you through the whole process, helping break through the inevitable roadblocks along the way to success.

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